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My name is Tyler and the things I love doing the most in this world are embarking on exciting adventures, meeting people, and photography. I’ve combined all three things into Fresh Tracks Hiking, and I’d love to join you on an adventure.

I was born and raised in Colorado and love everything the state has to offer. The Rocky Mountains is one of my favorite places on the earth, and I feel honored to get to explore and photograph it. I always have my camera equipment with me when I’m hiking, and people will typically ask me to take their photo—which I love to do. This happened so many times that I decided to combine my love of hiking with my love for photography and my love of meeting new people, and Fresh Tracks Hiking was born!

My Adventures:

  • Worked on a vineyard in Italy

  • Backpacked through Europe

  • Hiked the Tiger Leaping Gorge in southeast China

  • Backpacked through Southeast Asia

  • Visited Mt. Everest base camp from both China and Nepal

  • Backpacked through Tibet and Nepal

  • Owned an export company in Thailand

  • Backpacked South America (through Brazil to Patagonia and overland to Colombia)

  • Hiked in Patagonia, Peru, and Colombia

  • Volunteered at a monkey rehabilitation center in the Amazon Rainforest

  • Camped on top of a few of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks in the winter and summer

  • Earned a master’s degree in accounting

  • Followed a passion and a dream of mine by starting an adventure photography company!

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