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Explore Colorado with
an Adventure Photographer


Bagging a 13,000- or 14,000-foot peak is a dream that many people come to Colorado to fulfill. Nothing beats the feeling of self-accomplishment by conquering one of these peaks, and the 360-degree views of everything beneath you are unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Your day will start very early (usually several hours before the sun is up), and you’ll get to enjoy seeing the wilderness come alive as the day progresses. We’ll have plenty of time to be on top of the world as well enjoy our descent with views of mountain streams and forests that were in the dark on the way up.


$300 Per Person plus transportation costs


6-9 hours hiking
9-14 hours total with transfers


Sample 13/14ers include, but are not limited to: James Peak, Mt. Bierstadt, Mt. Evans, Grays and Torreys, Quandary Peak, South Arapaho Peak, and Longs Peak.

We’ll pick you up around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. at your accommodation and drive to the trailhead. Our hike will begin in the dark, but after a couple of hours, the sun will be up and you’ll see a new environment. A few more hours of hiking will lead us to the summit, where we’ll take a break before heading back down. We’ll get you back to Denver so you can rest your legs and enjoy looking at all the photos we took of you along the way.


Minimum of Two Hikers

Transportation cost is the government allowance of 58.5 cents per mile driven

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